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Z`Chiro Med Spa Services 

Massage Therapy and Detox Spa in Conyers, Georgia 

Our team of experts invites residents of Conyers and neighboring cities to take advantage of our top quality services at Z`Chiro Med Spa. We are proud to offer outstanding services for pain relief, laser therapy, chiropractic services, and much more. Each of our licensed professionals is guaranteed to provide you with phenomenal results. We have over 10 years of experience in the industry, and we are proud to provide you with exceptional results. Our holistic detox spa is a common service that our clients seek. Our first step in this spa is releasing endorphins to provide you with a relaxing feeling; we then detox your body from your feet to your back.

We begin by putting your feet in water, toxins are then released and the water will change color according to your specific issues. This is a 30 minute process for adults and 15 minutes for children. We follow our holistic detox spa with massage therapy and herbal supplements to assist in healing. At Z`Chiro Med Spa we also offer kinesio taping. We lift the closest layer of skin to your joint and muscles to provide you with injury prevention and relief from pain. Our mobile chiropractor is also popular for families who can not travel to our location, office workers, stay at home parents, and athletes. We work to increase your range of motion, relieve tension due to allergies or injury, and much more. Each of our professional massage therapists is guaranteed to provide you with exceptional results in pain management and body massage services. Our massage therapists offer pain relief to help you live a more fulfilling and active life.

Another service that we offer is physiotherapy, which helps heal the body by working on the joints and muscles to repair your tissue. This is great for elders, office employees, and those who exercise. Our herbal supplements offer clients with the best options in minerals and vitamins for everyday benefits. These supplements were created to provide you with relief of pain and strains from physical activity or tension.

Call us now at 678-754-6877 and learn more about our top quality services at Z`Chiro Med Spa. One of our friendly associates will be more than happy to assist you in your time of need, and schedule your appointment right away.

 Holistic Detox Spa 

Our holistic detox spa offers clients with a natural way to remove and cleanse your body of unwanted or harmful toxins. This works by releasing endorphins, which will provide you with a very relaxing state of mind. We will place your feet in a detox water, where the color will change according to your body's release of specific toxins. Massage therapy, in addition to detox herbal supplements, is just what you need to cleanse your body.

 Chiropractic and Massage 

We focus mainly on nervous system issues. If you are experiencing pain in the spine, back, shoulders, or joints, we can assist you! Our professionals offer adjustments to reduce pain and realign your body. This process is used to re-establish your nerve flow and provide pain relief. Whether you were injured in an accident, or have aches from allergies, we can assist you!

 Laser Therapy 

Laser therapy is a great option for those looking to relieve chronic pain. This will penetrate deep in your muscles heal you of your pain, and eliminate chronic pains in the neck or shoulders. There are no side effects, and it offers increased back and cellular growth inflammation. Clients with arthritis, carpal tunnel, as well as muscle and ligament pains, choose laser therapy.

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 Body Scan 

Our body scan services are used to scan your body's energy with a computer. This is used to regulate functions like digestion, hormone balance, immune system function, blood pressure, and body temperature. Once your body is scanned, it will create a wellness report to tell you what is wrong with your body; the process should take no longer than 30 minutes.


When you choose physiotherapy services from our team of professionals, you will receive the solutions to your pain. We offer these services to treat joints and muscles from wear and tear. You can continue to work and live your life without pain or restriction. This is a great option for elderly, office workers, as well as those who workout regularly.

 Kinesio Taping 

Our Kinesio taping services are excellent for athletes and those who perform vigorous activities, or who suffer from pain in the muscle of joints. This method works by lifting the lower level of skin from your muscles and joints. The goal of this kinesio taping is to prevent injury from occurring, as well as helping joints, muscles, and tendons heal faster after injury.

 Herbal Supplements 

With the use of our herbal supplements, in addition to any of our various services, we can help you relieve pain and injury symptoms. These herbal supplements are also used to prevent injury and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. We can help you by creating an herbal supplement plan to help you make adjustments to pain as is changes or fades away.