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Mobile Massage and Herbal Supplements near Lithonia, Georgia

Are you living in the Lithonia area and in need of a dependable massage therapist? Z`Chiro Med Spa is proud to offer residents with the most outstanding options in pain relief and muscle tension relief.

Each of our certified and licensed massage therapists provides our clients with outstanding options in their laser therapy, physiotherapy, and pain management needs. Our team of professionals is guaranteed to provide you with the most outstanding solutions to meet your needs.

Chiropractic massage is another service that we provide. This type of massage is aimed to relieve tension from mishaps, such as auto collision whiplash, allergies, injuries, and sports related muscle strains.

We offer kinesio taping for clients who are physically active in sports or exercise like running, tennis, and football. We tape your body to lift the closest layer of skin from your joints and muscles. This aids in preventing muscle strain and allowing your tissue to heal.

We also offer a wide selection of herbal supplements. Our supplements promote healthy living, and work to prevent tension, pain and injuries.

One of our most common services that clients choose is our herbal detox spa. This spa begins by releasing your endorphin's that give you a highly relaxing feeling. We place your feet in a bath water, and your body will then release toxins that change the color of the water.

This process is around 30 minutes for adults and 15 minutes for young children. Your chiropractor will then provide you with massage therapy and herbal detox supplements to assist in healing.

Clients choose our massage therapy because we are affordable and reputable. With our years of experience in the industry, we provide a service unlike many of our competitors.

Choose our team of expert body massage and mobile chiropractic therapists for the most outstanding results. Call now at (678) 616-1969 and learn more about our outstanding services in the Lithonia area.

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